Variety, June 16, 1982


Sing, Cowboy, Sing


Cannes, May 21

A DEFA Film Production, "Johannisthal" Film Group, East Berlin; world rights, DEFA Aussenhandel, East Berlin. Features entire cast. Written and directed by Dean Reed. Camera (color), Hans Heinrich; sets, Heinz Roeske; music, Karel Svoboda; costumes, Guenter Schmidt; editing, Ruth Ebel; artistic advisor, Gerd Gericke. Reviewed at Cannes Film Fest (Film Mart), May 20, '82. Running time: 87 MINS.

Cast: Dean Reed (Joe), Vaclav Neckar (Beny), Kerstin Beyer (Susann), Violetta Andrei (Maria), Jurie Darie (Dave Arnold), Helene Ruzickova (Sheriff of Hidden Junction), Jiri Ruzika (Deputy Sheriff of Hidden Junction), Siegfried Seibt (Sheriff of Rose City), Vlad Radescu (Sheriff of Leadville), Elke Gierth (Silvia), Gertraut Last (Pythenin), Stefan Diestelmann (Barkeeper), Paton Price (Saloon Owner), Mircea Murea (Cowboy).

This East German Western comedy by Yank vodeler Dean Reed, "Sing, Cowboy, Sing" (the same title was used in domestic release), was a popular hit in the German Democratic Republic, matching in fact the popularity of the "singing cowboy" on concerts tours throughout the Socialist lands. Reed wrote, directed and played the lead, while Czech pop idol Vaclav Neckar teamed with him as his sidekick.

There's lots of singing and stunt tricks, along the lines of Gene Autry and the Cisco Kid routines, but Reed adds a couple specialties of his own - like pig wrestling and snoozing with friendly boa constrictors (on lease from a bankrupt circus).

Pic was lensed in East German studios and on a Western set near Berlin, which hints that Germanic Westerns may be on the rise. There is sure to be a sequel, and "Sing, Cowboy, Sing" should be caught by film fest buffs - it's a howl!


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