Will Matlack


William H. Matlack, gennannt Will, ist ein Cousin von Dean und lebt in Ocean Shores, Washington, USA. Wills Großvater war der Halbbruder von Deans Mutter.

William H. Matlack, called Will, is Dean's cousin, living in Ocean Shores, Washington, USA. Will's grandfather was Dean's mother's half brother.


Beiträge auf der Dean-Reed-Website

I'm very pleased that people like you care enough for cousin Deen to keep his memory alive. Thank you for placing my notes on the site. I wish I knew more German, but I only took two years of it in high school, so I can only pick up a few words here and there.

I should check with my mother. I remember we had a very nice color shot of Dean standing next to his wonderful, yellow 1958 Mercury convertible. If I can find more information, I'll send it along.

Will Matlack, November 11, 2002

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