Dean Reed - The Red Elvis

Ein Dean Reed gewidmetes Lied von Fred Weston, 2014

Fred Weston

Dean Reed Song

Text und Musik: Fred Weston

I am looking back
on a very brave man
he was our hero
with his world we agreed
and his name was Dean Reed

I still hear
his lovely songs
and I remember
the music that we heard
made us free like a bird

this is the story of man
who the heaven has sent
but its also the story
the very sad story
that has no happy end

on a very dark day
he went away
because his world has fallen apart
but he is still alive
in our heart

this is the story of a man
who was for short time our friend
but is also the story
which has no happy end

Erinnerung an Dean Reed

Ein zweites Lied von Fred Weston, diesmal auf deutsch. 2015.

Dean Reed die Legende


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