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"Käthe Kollwitz dedicated her life and talent to the cause of human dignity, world peace, and social progress. I am trying to do the same with my life and talent ... as you are also doing.

When we all join hands - Communists and non-Communists, believers and non-believers - then a small stream shall become a brave and undefeatable river which shall cleanse our planet and make it liveable and enjoyable not only for the 20 % privileged, but for all people, of all races, and in all lands.
Love, Dean"

Inscribed on the title page of a book - a gift to his mother.

"I try to be as genuine and sincere as possible. Playing a role well is only conceivable if you are able to listen to the people and to get their real tones."

"I am like everybody else. Of course, love and romantic also belong to my life and I'm sure that under contemporary circumstances politics also are part of our life. However, the person who leaves aside important things of life, like love, will lose credibility of his political statement."

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