Dean's life/Deans Leben/La vida de Dean/жизнь Дина

Dean's homeland/Deans Heimat
La patria de Dean/родина Дина

Here is the Colorado that we would like to remember with Dean Reed.

Photo shows a special train on the Durango & Silverton Railroad on September 21, 2001.

Photo by Robert Rynerson

View from Dean Reed's back yard

The view from Dean Reed's back yard. Houses were built after he left home. If you look closely the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is visible between the houses. The trees might have been there when Dean lived in this place. Trees grow very slowly in dry Colorado.

Der Blick von Dean Reeds Garten. Die Häuser wurden gebaut, nachdem er weggezogen war. Wenn man genau hinsieht, sind die Ausläufer der Rocky Mountains zwischen den Häusern sichtbar. Die Bäume könnten dort schon gestanden haben, als Dean noch dort lebte. Bäume wachsen im trockenen Colorado sehr langsam.

Photo by Robert Rynerson

An aerial photograph of the street today where Dean lived as a boy (Wadsworth Boulevard).

Eine Luftaufnahme der Straße heute, wo Dean als Kind lebte.

Suburb of Denver

Wheat Ridge High School



1954 1954




1956 1956



Memory of Dean

Dean's classmate Sharon Berg

Wheat Ridge High School 2010

Wheat Ridge High School 2010 Wheat Ridge High School 2010 Wheat Ridge High School 2010
University of Colorado at Boulder

Heritage Center, University of Colorado at Boulder

Seit den 90er Jahren bis 2005 gab es im Heritage Center der Uni Boulder eine kleine Dean-Reed-Ausstellung.

From the nineties till 2005 there was a small Dean Reed exhibition at the Heritage Center of the UC at Boulder.

Heritage Center

Heritage Center

Heritage Center 2010

In der neuen Ausstellung der namhaften Absolventen hängt Dean Reed alfabetisch neben Robert Redford.

In the new exhibition of notable alumni you can find Dean Reed in alphabetical order next to Robert Redford.

Dean Reed A&S '60
Professional Musician and Actor

University of Colorado at Boulder, Notable Alumni

University of Colorado Athletics

Gymnastics Team 1958

Gymnastics - 1958 Team Picture

University of Colorado - Teams and Sports

Colorado Historical Society

In der Colorado Historical Society in Denver befinden sich Dokumente, Fotos und Gegenstände aus Dean Reeds Nachlass.

Colorado 2005

Onlinezeitung: Besuch in Dean Reeds Heimat


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A couple things you admirers of Dean may be interested in are:

1) Dean was born with an obstruction in his digestive track so he was operated on quickly after being born. When he was brought home from the hospital my first view of him showed the large metal fasteners that held his stomach together. He always had the terrible scar and joked that he had got in a "knife fight" with a bad guy. Maybe the reason he did not enjoy eating (hence was always so slim) was his digestive track never did heal properly.

2) Dean had epilepsy as a youngster. He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming so eventually our parents gave him drugs to reduce the epileptic seizures. I don't know how long he kept taking these drugs but recently there have been some concerns that some of them can lead to suicidal tendencies.

Dale R. Reed in 2008

One of the incorrect myths about Dean is that he grew up on a Lakewood or Wheat Ridge chicken farm... Our father and our mother (eventually) had "itchy feet" so their children would be expected to be goers. One of our father's many sayings was "a rolling stone gathers no moss but it certainly gets well polished."

Dale R. Reed, July 4, 2008

You have a beautiful and informative website that I and thousands of others enjoy.

But, as you know, the number of articles about Dean are multiplying. Especially in Germany and Russia I assume. Including considerable missinformation about Dean caused mostly by people copying each other. Even Roberts' movie is confusing about what is real and what is a film of films.

Dean + Dale 1957

There are inaccuracies in the film, for example Dean saying that our Father paid for my education but not his. I don't know why Dean said that, maybe he even changed his mind and Roberts edited out the correction, but the fact is while Dean was chasing girls and doing sports in High School I was an excellent student earning a four year scholarship to any Colorado university. And both of us worked our tails off working during school and in summers to pay our bills. Dad helped both of us paying for gas (he sold gasoline), one year of use of his apartment, and some food, but mostly Dean and I paid our own expensives.

Dale R. Reed, 16.08.2007

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