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Re-Imagining DEFA

Re-Imagining DEFA

East German Cinema in its National and Transnational Contexts

Edited by Seán Allan and Sebastian Heiduschke

Berghahn Books 2016, ISBN 978-1785331053

[...] And while few would now deny the existence of a star system in the GDR, as Seán Allan's chapter on Dean Reed underlines, there were moments when this system of stardom was inflected with a transnational aspect that simply could not be subsumed within the prevailing model of the Publikumsliebling. [...]

Chapter 8. Transnational Stardom. DEFA's Management of Dean Reed (Seán Allan)


A Book Review by Tony Williams.

Berghahn is known for its publication of excellent books on German Cinema within its catalog. This recent work proves no exception to the rule. Including fifteen essays by well-known scholars in the field aware of the changing complexities of subject matter and well-versed in necessary archive research, Re-Imagining DEFA (edited by Sean Allan and Sebastian Heiduschke; Berghahn Books, 2016) presents a fine collection exploring a cinema that is very little known to most Western viewers. It's also one that suffered from misunderstanding and deliberate misrepresentation both during and after its lifetime. I must admit that I requested a copy due to my interest in an article by co-editor Sean Allan on Dean Reed (1938-1986), the so-called American "Red Elvis" whose persona and work have suffered from similar distortions. But exploring the entire contents of this collection revealed to me a wealth of new information and exciting scholarly interpretations by all its contributors. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wishing to begin exploring this often marginalized former national cinema. [...]

Tony Williams, Nov. 17, 2016,

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