Wasted Rock Rangers: Comrade Rockstar

Die "Wasted Rock Rangers" sind Joe Bleach, Shaun Staveley und Ken Bleach. 2008 nahmen sie diesen Song auf.

Wasted Rock Rangers

The Wasted Rock Rangers: COMRADE ROCKSTAR LP

Featuring Joe Bleach, Shaun Staveley, Ken Bleach & Pete Brown (and Mick Sumbling).

The second album from the WRR features Young Heart Attack guitarist Chris 'Frenchie' Smith as the album's DJ, as the album is broadcast live on 'Borderline Radio' from Austin, Texas...

Tracks: Shine, Young Man's Mind, Great Big Sky, Thinking about Writing A Song, One Thing, Burned By Rock'n'Roll, Childhood Lost, Comrade Rockstar, Let's Boogie, Right Side Of Wrong, Sunday Morning Coming Down.

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