Auszug aus dem Online-Buch "Dirty Tears" von StErn

Dirty Tears

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The guy wrote down the name of the label in a little notebook. "But you can't buy any western records over here, right?"

It didn't look like he was old enough to think about anything else than stupid records. "Well, we had Dean Reed until last year!"
"Who is that?"
"You have never heard of Dean Reed?" Gomi looked at the guy. He was obviously kidding. Dean Reed was the most famous American ever. He must have heard of him.
"He is a singer and actor from America who settled down in the GDR. He did that movie 'El Cantor' and a bunch of others."
The guy shook his head. "No, never heard of him. Really!"
"He also used to sing for the oppressed in South America and the rest of the world. Come on, he is one of the biggest stars ever. He is more popular than Elvis or Michael Jackson!" He was serious. He had never heard of Dean Reed. And he didn't think about having sex with her.
"I come from another world," he said. "But isn't it cool? You grew up with this guy and I have never heard of him."
She opened another bottle of beer. 'What a waste of time,' she thought. "He died last year. He just fucking drowned in a lake. Everybody says, the Stasi or the CIA killed him."
"That's one amazing conspiracy-theory." The guy started looking for something in his bag. "An American Socialist dies behind the wall. I would like to write about this." [...]

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