I; Beat Records CDCR42/1968

Original Soundtrack Music from the film "BUCKAROO - Il Winchester che non perdona" by Lallo Gori.

Dean singt Titel 2 und dann noch mal den letzten, Titel 20, aber das ist beides das gleiche: For tomorrow I may die Alles andere ist instrumental.


Buckaroo (Il Winchester Che Non Perdona aka The Winchester Does Not Forgive)
music by Lalo Gori. Beat CDCR 42 (Italy). 20 tracks. Time: 46:05

This is another release taken from the rediscovered master tapes of the obscure Milan-based music publishers, Nazionalmusic (could we possibly see Django the Bastard or Gentleman Killer in the future?). Buckaroo (1968) was directed by Adelchi Bianchi and starred the late Dean Reed. It is an engaging score from the largely unrecorded Lalo Gori, with a frisky trumpet main title and a minimum of "suspense" music. Track 10 is a wonderfully Moorish trumpet-and-guitar duet, but the real highlight is a song (tracks 2 and 20). It is mournful, lightly orchestrated (guitar and harmonica only), corny and completely irresistible. The singer isn't credited, but it's a fair bet that it's Dean Reed. In fact, the only musician credited is Franco De Gemini who is the apparent owner of Beat Records. Sound quality varies, but I think we can be indulgent over this - Nazionalmusic, as far as I know, never issued soundtracks and doubtless didn't take much technical trouble with material destined for optical soundtrack use. This could be a good series if more of Nazionalmusic's master tapes become available. (Note: this release is part of Beat's "Nazionalmusic Collection")

Tom Seldon
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