Yekaterina Sheveleva


Екатерина Шевелева

Yekaterina Sheveleva (1915 - ca. 2000) was a Soviet writer and journalist, who met Dean Reed in 1965 in Helsinki and had the idea that he should perform in the Soviet Union.

Katarina Scheweljewa (1915 - ca. 2000) war eine sowjetische Schriftstellerin und Journalistin, die Dean Reed 1965 in Helsiki traf und anregte, dass er in der Sowjetunion auftreten solle.

Moskau 1970

Aus meinem Leben [...] Er denkt an Katarina Schewalowa, die Vertreterin der sowjetischen Friedensbewegung, eine herzensgute mütterliche Frau, die ihn in Helsinki spontan in ihr Herz geschlossen und ihm sofort gesagt hat: "Dean, du musst unbedingt bei uns singen." [...]

Dean Reed, Aus meinem Leben. Aufgeschrieben von Hans-Dieter Bräuer; 2. aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage; Edition Peters, Leipzig/Dresden 1984; S. 71

Do you know what I remember now? I had a small poetry book at home, in Russia, by Yekaterina Sheveleva. Writing about herself at the end, she writes that she was the one from USSR who first noticed Dean and gave the idea to Goskoncert (organization in USSR for signing contracts about tours etc) to "sign him up". She said that his first contract to perform in USSR was actually signed in her apartment (that was very unusual at that time!). She even gave her full address in that book - near Aeroport metro station in Moscow. That book was published back in 1984 when Dean was still alive.

Yekaterina Sheveleva was very interesting person. I think she was working for KGB, but I do not mean it in a bad way - she was just a very dedicated Communist of the elder generation. She actually never said in open that she was working for KGB, but one can conclude it from her career (she was working as a journalist in India and travelled abroad frequently) and her writings. Unfortunately she died a few years ago, but her family (she had 2 daughters) surely must remember something about Dean signing that contract too. I do not think any people who wrote about Dean, have mentioned anything about this... Maybe they didn't know (I only read it by chance myself in her book).

Irina Malenko, December 25, 2005

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