Hochzeit am 23. März 1964


Dean und Patricia heiraten in Mexico

Hochzeit 1964 Hochzeit 1964 Hochzeit 1964

They did not believe in long engagements and on March 23, 1964, Dean Reed wed Patricia Hobbs. The day before, as part of a prewedding celebration, Reed rode a wild bronco at a Mexico City rodeo, in part to impress his mother-in-law. The wedding ceremony was performed by a Mexican minister on a Sunday afternoon in the couple's apartment, just off a park. No one from Reed's family made it there, but Patricia's mother attended and helped her daughter with the dress the bride had specially made for the ceremony. The wedding party consisted of an old Mexican general, Chuck Laszewski: Rock 'n' Roll Radical Miguel Aleman, as well as Reed's friend Arturo, who had driven with Reed to beat up Hugh O'Brien in Acapulco. Arturo's wife and Arturo's brother's girlfriend served as bridesmaids. Reed and his bride argued before the ceremony because Patricia wanted say, "I do," while Dean insisted on "Si." Patricia lost the argument but whatever resentment she may have had disappeared when Red surprised her by singing a new song he had composed for her, "With You by My Side."

Chuck Laszewski Rock 'n' Roll Radical

Press review/Pressespiegel:

  • Ecran #1762, Nov. 1964: DEAN REED Revela por primera vez como y porque se caso con Patricia
    DEAN REED Reveals for the first time how and why he married Patricia
    DEAN REED Enthüllt zum ersten Mal, wie und warum er Patricia geheiratet hat

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