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When one listens to the music of Dean Reed, the first impression is the great variation in the types of songs that he writes and sings. But not only with his songs is this true, but also with his life. Here is a man who has been a sportsman, cowboy, explorer, composer, author, singer, actor and film director. Here is a man who has had a 58 man police guard in South America to help him keep the fans from tearing his clothes off of him, and a man who has been arrested in five countries for his political activities.

When Dean is in a small group of people he likes to tell the following story about his mother: "You know, from many countries of the world I would send photos to my mother where I was surrounded by police and she would always write back to me: But son, you forgot to say whether the police are there to help you or to arrest you!"

Dean is a man who has personally known many of the presidents of the world, but when you talk with him he is as simple as your next door neighbor... (if your neighbor has an accent that is!). Dean has parachuted out of planes for fun and has worked in the underground for his ideals. Some people might find in him a contradiction because he does so much in his life, but Dean told us:

"Always people are wanting to put labels on other human beings. Always we are getting put into boxes with names. I accept no label. When I began my career as a singer in Hollywood, many people called me a rock and roll singer, even though I sang many country, folk and romantic ballads at that time. Then when I went to South America and became politically more active, the people began to call me a protest singer. A human being has many sides, and he should not be labeled. There are only two types of singers... the good ones and the bad ones... and the public must decide into what group the singer falls. lf you must put a label on me, then call me a singer of love songs. There are many different types of love. Love for a child, for a mother, for a walk in the forest, for a motorcycle ride, romantic love and also love for ones ideals and principles which guides ones life. An artist not only can talk about all... but he must talk about all if he is to be called a true artist. It is no contradiction for a singer to sing pop or rock and roll one day and on the next day to sing political songs at a solidarity meeting. It is just as much a half truth just to sing political songs as it is just to sing romantical songs. One must not limit oneself or ones public. A singer must reach as many people as possible and with his songs he must not only give them courage, but also he must give them entertainment."

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At the present time if Dean is not composing a new song, writing a new film script, giving a concert, directing a film, or in South Lebanon fighting with the Fedayeen... then he is probably in Zeuthen racing his cross motorcycle around the curves.

From the song book: DEAN REED for vocals and piano from Hans Bath VEB Song of time, Music Publishers, Berlin 1980

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