Dean's letters/Briefe von Dean/Cartas de Dean/Письма Дина


My daughter Ramona!

Although we are parted by many, many miles, it seems to me, that you are by my side. Me and a lot of other people are now in Moscow - a huge city of a huge land. People of good will have sent their delegates here, told them to find the way to the lasting peace.

Now you live in Rome, you have got enough warm clothes, enough food, you may be sure, nobody shall distant you peace and your dreams. But, my girl, as I have tried to explain to you before, there are many countries where boys and girls have pain in their stomachs because of hunger. They tremble with cold - without clothes, without food.

Many children can neither sleep, nor go to school because large planes fly over them and drop bombs on too houses and schools. We gathered in Moscow to bring the time when the children can live as happy as you do, Ramona, closer.

We tried to forget all the little quarrels that had separated us in the past, for our common works sake on our common task - peace in the world, and happiness for peoples.

Grow up, my Ramona, strong - body and soul. Be ready to devote your life and talent to those, who were not so happy as you are.

Moscow, X/73

Vermutlich wurde dieser Brief auf russisch publiziert und dann ins Englische zurück übersetzt.

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