Dean's letters/Briefe von Dean/Cartas de Dean/Письма Дина


Dedication to Betty + Ernie

To Ernie and Betty

To Ernie and Betty, Love, Dean Reed

Dear Betty and Ernie,
I want to thank
both of you for all your
generosity, thoughtfullness + friendship.
I appreciate it very much.
I sincerely hope that we will
meet again sometime in the near future.
Until then, I remain your good friend-

This is a genuine autographed photo of Dean Reed. It was given to my parents by Dean after a stay at our house in the mid 60's. I was just starting High school, but I remember that he had a very special presence about him. I did not know about his views or his involvment in South American politics. I thought that he was another singer that my dad played drums for.

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