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The Dean-Reed-Website Team and the Press

Denver and Berlin, August 2004

Dear Press Representative,

We are continually receiving requests for interviews, and would like to make clear that we are very happy to put your requests for help, your search for interview subjects, fans and other contacts under "News" and on the homepage homepage of our website. Please use the form below to present your project. In this way, it will be possible for someone to contact you about your theme. This offer does not hold for media - such as the "Bildzeitung" - who spread misinformation!

In order for you to better understand why we ourselves cannot give interviews, we've written a short introduction to the Dead-Reed-Website Team:

  • The Dean-Reed-Website Team is virtual. We are not a fan club whose members sit around together and listen to old records!
  • We are a network whose initiators have taken it upon themselves to document the life and attitudes of Dean Reed, and who strive to continue with his approach, as well as to encourage others to do so, too. There are no regular members. Rather, we are always getting new - and old - companions who support us for a while.
  • Many people from different countries are bringing together their recollections and their material. We have some articles and photos that are 40 years old, and we are constantly receiving texts and scanned photos per e-mail from all over the world.
  • The website is the medium that provides a structure for this material and allows our common project to grow.
  • We are not a company that wants to sell something. Nor are we a group that has elected a publicity representative. Each of us speaks only for him or herself.
  • This website is our common project. The people who participate in this network are the website. We believe that this project speaks for itself - that all possible questions can be answered by the website.

We'd be very pleased if you accept our offer of support and ask merely that you acknowledge in your article.

Please note that certain articles published on this website are protected by copyright. Any citations from these articles must be acknowledged! As regards the photos, either we hold the copyright, or private individuals or publishers have allowed us to publish the material only on our website.

Publications that do not adhere to the rules stated above or publish falsehoods are listed below.

We wish you great pleasure using our website for your research.

Dale Reed

Dean's brother Dale is receiving an increasing number of e-mails from folks that want to talk about Dean. Some of these folks are from the media and some are not. He can handle everything that requires e-mail and telephone calls. But please notice that Katy and Dale Reed will not welcome anyone to their home in Seattle, they will not meet anyone in person.
Tank you!

Please describe your project!

We will enter your request for support, your search for interview partners and fans under "News" on the website.

Media (Newspaper, TV- or radio station...)
Description of the project

Gründe für die Ablehnung der Unterstützung nachfolgender Presseorgane:

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